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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Welcome to this space.  A healing space.  A space dedicated to health.  For discovering what it is.  For claiming it, reclaiming it or rejoicing in it. 

A space where we can journey together......with each other.
On the road to true health.

You see, health is greater than the absence of identifiable dis~ease.  It is more than just not feeling bad.  It is more than just "not breaking down".  

It is living optimally.....to our highest God-given potential.  

It is not just surviving.......it is thriving!

Many of us have been so disconnected with how we can really feel
that we no longer know what health is.
Or what it feels like.

Many of us have been so far removed from real food that our bodies crave the processed, food-like substances that are so prevalent at the supermarket.

Many of us are just happy to get through the day without any aches and pains.  Or embarrassing gastrointestinal issues.  Or embarrassing, inconvenient or dangerous forgetfulness.  Or a host of other inconvenient and uncomfortable things that can happen to us or to our bodies.

Many of us just hit the pillow at night exhausted, not just tired.  Only to have trouble falling asleep.  Or to awaken in the middle of the night.  Or to sleep fitfully.  Or to awaken much too early.

Many of us are so busy that we can't seem to take the time to figure out what is really wrong or how to change any of this.

So, we leave it up to the "professionals" to tell us what is wrong.  And what we should do about it.  Well, there aren't any professionals that are experts on my life.  Other than me.  Or you in your life.  We are the ones who should make the decisions about our own health and our own lives.  And take responsibility for those decisions, as well as their outcomes.

This life is a gift.
A beautiful gift.
Given to us to use wisely.
Not to suffer needlessly.

How will we ever live up to our mission in life if we are not living up to our full potential??

I hope you will take this journey with me.  A journey to discovering what true health is.
What creates health.....
and what takes it away......
What it is for each of us.
And what it is for our families.

Because what ultimately creates optimal health for me
may be somewhat different
than what creates it for you.
We are all born and gifted with inherent strengths and limitations.
Unique to only us.
Areas in our lives that only we can discover.
Join me on this journey and discover what influences your inner landscape.