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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old Beginnings

Sometimes life takes you where you want to go.  Sometimes it takes you where you need to go.  Anyway, life will take you if you don't take yourself.

So much has happened that I thought would be resolved by now.  
But it hasn't.  

And now all those "old" new beginnings need to happen.  
All at once. 

A time for resolution.  
And closure.  

So I am closing an old and very lengthy chapter on my life.  And opening a new one.  Maybe even starting a new book.  Writing it this time, listening to my Co-author even more closely.  Or maybe just actually listening to Him.

By that I mean not just listening, but acting upon, that still, quiet voice inside of me that knows what to do.  I listen most of the time.  But often, what is asked of me is different than what is expected of me.  And while I surely rock the boat and march to a different drummer, when it comes to really doing what I need to do for myself, I lay down in the ship and hand over my drumsticks.

That is about to change…..