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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Solvitur Ambulando

So, it has been half a year since I have taken to the blog or seriously attempted to achieve my goals.  A long hiatus for the blogosphere, but not so much for humans.  In my perfectionistic attitude, I felt that I "had" to make it perfect, to craft each post with purpose, intent, resolve and flow.  Well, everything I do (that I actually do and not just plan, plan, plan.......we'll go into "the paralysis of perfection" more at a later date) is with purpose and it will all flow if I but begin.  My intent has always been to do good and I have a strong resolve once I get out of the paralysis planning phase.  So......

Solvitur ambulando.  

To solve it, begin walking.

So here I am.  I begin walking.  Not striving for perfection, but excellence.  For which I have always striven for ~ except for those times when that perfectionist bug hits me.  And striving without fear.  Without the fear of "what will people think", "what if 'they' think am wrong", "what if no one cares"......

What if.     
         What if.  
                 What if.

Well, those nagging thoughts may still be there.  I think it is unreasonable to believe that fear will go away.  I tell my son that to be brave you must feel fear.  It is courage and bravery that moves you forward in truth despite the fear you may feel. So, onward I will strive, without allowing the limitations of fear to hamper me, without allowing it to silence my voice.

So thank you, dear St. Augustine, for these wonderful words to remind us all of this simple truth.....

Solvitur ambulando.
Just begin.

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  1. Yay for beginnings! I hope you have a wonderful 2013, I think a few of us deserve a good year :)